Adolf Elizabeth Hitler (_nymph_tonks_) wrote in pimpelicious,
Adolf Elizabeth Hitler

I have no freakin' clue. I didn't want to clog my journal with this crap.

When on finds oneself in a place entirely foreign to them, it is probably very good advice for you to stay where you are until someone finds you. The Phantom of the Opera's instinct told him, however it would be advisable in such a circumstance to mercilessly strangle the first person he came upon.
His victim presently began to giggle stupidly underneath a large top hat.
"Do you not fear the wrath of the Opera Ghost?" he snarled, trying to create the mood as he obviously wasn't giving off any scary vibes today.
The man in the top hat giggled once more.
"Don't you feel ever so silly when you're drinking from a cup that is 5 minutes too dirty?" he enquired with a voice that didn't sound entirely sober.
Before The Phantom had the chance to reply, a hare carrying a pot of tea appeared next to him.
"Mustard," the hare said, raising his index finger as if he were making a remarkable point "should never be spread on a scone."
"Well, that goes without saying," said the man in the top hat, who was now eating sugar cubes he'd apparently found in his waistcoat pocket.
The Phantom had a strange new feeling that he was the sanest person in sight.
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